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Berber Rugs & Crafts
by Alice Wouters

I was 22 when I discovered Morocco for the first time. It was for a fashion shoot in Marrakesh. Ramadan was the source of great agitation. The narrow alleys of the medina were swarming with crowds in a hurry to make a bargain before the ftour, the break of fasting. Throughout the multitudes of stalls, it was only colors and perfumes. Enter through the doors of a particular riad, in the inner courtyard, reigns a perfect serenity. Only disturbed by the melody of the fountain and the call to prayer of the Muezzin. It is then that the magic of Morocco resonated on me.

It was during my trip in 2011 that everything changed.  I returned to Morocco animated by a great need for freedom, adventures, discoveries and return to simplicity. This was the confirmation of the love at first sight I felt 10 years ago. I had to go back over and over again to immerse myself with the art of living, the elegant simplicity,  the unforgettable encounters.

As for the crafts of Morocco, especially the carpets, each one of them tells a unique story. Every carpet tells the relationship of the weaver with her work, her family, her roots. A carpet is a unique artwork of a woman, often a villager. Its infinite variations is the work of her freedom of mind.

Each and every carpet I propose is a favorite. I am fascinated by the diversity of styles, drawings, graphics as well as the abstract. The combination of soft, vivid and sometimes surprising colors.

After several years of reflection, I have decided to share with you this sincere love for these women and their immense talent each time I’m returning to their magnificent country.