Alice Wouters | Vintage Moroccan Boujaad Rug
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Vintage Moroccan Boujaad Rug – Wooly

Wooly is a unique Boujaad rug with a lot of character. Both by the shape which is narrow and long as by the different shades of rusty colours and stunning intricate design.
If you are looking to bring contrast and flare to your interior, Wooly is the ideal rug for you.

The carpets from the Boujaad region in the Middle Atlas are sharing with their Easter neighbours the same typical Berber knotting practice but in association with the more aesthetical symmetrical knot, using less wool. The result is a carpet with better defined designs and shapes.

Berber rugs are a unique artwork of a woman.

Each rug tells a unique story, the relationship of the weaver with her work, her family, her roots. It’s infinite variations is the work of her freedom of mind.
The symbols they use in their art is an ancestral language passed down from generation to generation.

Size: 325 x 135 cm  « 10,66 x 4,42 ft »

Material: Wool, cotton, hand knotted

Color: Rusty brown, teal, white, purple, coral

Condition: Excellent vintage condition, short pile.

Price: 1495,00€

Please note: The rugs are vintage and hand made, the imperfections tell the history of the carpet and creates its unique, one of a kind personality.

All of the rugs I sell are directly coming from their country of origin, Morocco. They are hand selected by me on location to offer you the most beautiful, high quality vintage rugs.

Please bare in mind that computer screens and mobile devices can alter the original colors and textures of the product. The photos have been taken to minimize this effect but may slightly differ from the original colors.